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Your personalised diagnosis based on your DNA

Your Genoxage Dermocosmetic Bio-Intelligent treatment adapted to your personal diagnosis will help you to enhance the beauty of your skin and prevent ageing. 

Get your treatment in just 3 easy steps


To prepare your customized diagnostic DNASkin Mapping Matrix TM, you should go to your dermatologist or specialized pharmacist approved by Genoxage, who will collect a sample of your oral cells and make a dermatological condition evaluation. You will also answer a series of questions about dermatological variables related to your lifestyle.


Find out which professional centers are specialized in Genoxage TM is close to you. Click on Search Specialised Centers.


Your dermatologist or specialised pharmacist approved by Genoxage will explain you carefully the process, and once you decide to proceed with the diagnosis and treatment, you will sign the Informed Consent Form, the specialist will fulfill the dermatological-lifestyle analysis and finally you will select your order and select the payment method that you prefer. At that moment your Genoxage specialist will provide you the treatment GENOXAGE COMPLEX ACTIVE 5 ACTIONS/4 WEEKS, which is necessary and essential to prepare your skin before you start with the treatment, which is adapted to your personalised skin diagnosis. In a 4-weeks period, you will be able to view your report and you will receive your adapted treatment wherever you like.


You will also have access to your own private area on our web page called Genoxage My PRIVATE,  through a private account and password, where you will be able to see  the status of your analysis, shipping status, your complete report or to place orders and get additional information and exclusive benefits.



Specialist Laboratories in Genomics, approved by Genocosmetics Lab, will analyze your oral cell sample with your genetic data (It is a simple procedure that requires you not to drink, eat or smoke within 30 minutes before the appointment), that added to the observation of your facial situation map, your lifestyle habits and using the patented DNASkin Mapping Matrix ® system, will develop the most complete, professional and unique personalized skin diagnosis available. 



The development of the Dermocosmetic GENOXAGE Treatment is based on formulas that combine scientifically proven effective ingredients, depending on the status of your 9 essential dermatological variables, your lifestyle and your current skin situation. These process is achieved thanks to the personalized diagnosis of your skin, performed with DNASkin Mapping Matrix TM.


In a single treatment you will find a high concentration of active ingredients in the right amount and the best combinations to respond to your level of hydro-lipid balance, your tissue structure, elasticity, oxidation, pigmentation, skin tolerance and sensitivity, wrinkles, cell longevity and photosensitivity-aging and dermatological pathologies. 


Thanks to your personalized diagnosis we will adapt the treatment that better suits you, which does not require any handling, the treatment is ready to use and has been customized in order to respond to your personal needs.


The estimated processing time of your Genoxage treatment will be 4 weeks from the moment we receive your samples at the laboratory.


Genoxage will send your dermocosmetic treatment wherever you chose in the step 1; it could be your dermatologist location, your pharmacy or even your home address.


In your Genoxage order you will receive your customized treatment and your personal diagnosis made with the DNASkin Mapping Matrix, you will find all this information in your personal area called Genoxage My PRIVATE in our web page, here you will also find relevant data and information that can help you to improve your skin situation. Remember that GENOXAGE will be delivered within 4 weeks approximately from step 1. 


You will be able to re-order your Genoxage treatment via on-line, you can visit our webpage, in your own space Genoxage My PRIVATE or with your dermatologist or pharmacy, and also on Genoxage My PRIVATE you will find information about your diagnosis and you may ask any questions about the treatment.