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Mission, Vision and Values

Men and women are born with a predetermination to the evolutionary characteristics in their genetics, and over the years, within the process of socialization, personal and environmental development, they gradually adapt to those stereotypes established in the social and civilized life, by means of the language and the rules determined by the same human beings. Genetic determination, environmental and social exposure, lifestyle, beauty and happiness are the path of our existence”.



Genocosmetics Lab participates in a society that is constantly evolving and demands commitment and solutions. It's deep knowledge of genetics and dermatological mechanisms along with the ability to evaluate the physical reality of our customers, allow us to give personalized and customized solutions in the areas of health, beauty and body care, which substantially improve their quality of life, physical well-being, self-esteem and social integration.


Genocosmetics Lab is committed to provide products and services that are customized, reliable and effective, becoming a leader of personal care for the high level of adaptation, differentiation and visible cosmetics results, nutricosmetics, and dietary services.


Genocosmetics Lab will work hard to develop their technologies further, and will build internal and external relationships that define their values in response to commitment, and a corporate culture of interaction with their environment and customers:

Honesty/Truth: We believe that our commitment to our customers and partners is a relationship of trust, based on doing what we say and say what we do, and commit to it.

Innovation R&D: We believe in the value of different proposals and progress based on new concepts, technology, product and service development. 

Health+ Wellness+ Culture: We are committed to health, understood as the ability to function healthy and optimistically, with self-esteem and recognition of ourselves. We care about our proposals to enhance culture promotion, creative and emotional values.

Global, local and personal: We live in an open environment where people and ideas flow and collaborate, we are committed to the global vision, we act locally but we mostly care about you as a person.

Science, Technology and Collaboration: We understand that it evolves and improves through the understanding of the mechanisms of life, incorporating new technologies and thanks to the incremental effect of collaboration. We will develop our technologies further and will keep collaborating with excellence centers in Science to keep improving our activities continuously.

Social Responsibility and Profitability: To generate enough resources to invest in good research, innovation in good products and services that our customers can value, honestly remunerate our employees and collaborate with our stakeholders and our environment are acts of independence and responsibility. We are concerned about the social challenges and we will act taking them under consideration.