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Did you know that genetics sets the color of our hair color, the color of our eyes, our skin pigmentation and number of wrinkles, the depth, the ageing of our cells …? Genetics accounts for about 60% of our ageing process. 

Would you like a cosmetic treatment that suits your genetics and your current skin situation, assessed by a professional? 



The future of cosmetic uses genetics

We are facing a new era in cosmetics. A new way was born to respond and regenerate the skin care. Cosmetics made "on demand", customized, created just for you.

Until today all cosmetic brands and products in the market are made with effective ingredients, these ingredients are intended to solve a specific problem in your skin, but not all of your problems. It’s time to make customized and personalized cosmetic treatments, and perhaps, it will be the end of regular products.

Imagine a full test, using an easy, simple and painless oral cell scraping, and support and evaluation of a medical professional, where you could get a personalized diagnosis of your skin based on your DNA.

Imagine you could know the level of your hydro-lipid balance, your tissue elasticity structure, oxidation-regeneration of free radicals, melanin-pigmentation, skin tolerance and sensitivity, wrinkles, dermatological pathologies, cell longevity and photosensitivity-ageing?

What if we could have a treatment tailored to you, to your skin situation in each of these dermatological variables, with the appropriate amount of formulation and the finest ingredients according to the current state of your skin?

Genoxage has prepared for you the most effective dermocosmetic treatment to enhance the beauty of your skin and prevent ageing; Genoxage will provide unique diagnostic information: DNASkin Mapping Matrix TM.

We care about you.

We are inspired by you.

Your DNA, our inspiration.


Genoxage, Biotechnology Genetics pioneer brand, the future of cosmetics.