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The adapted dermocosmetic treatment Genoxage

The adapted dermocosmetic treatment GENOXAGE is made with a selection of the best performing active ingredients, with scientifically proven efficacy, combined to cover your skin needs, according to your personalized diagnosis made by DNASkin Mapping Matrix TM.

Genoxage Dermocosmetic Bio-Intelligent treatment

The adapted dermocosmetic treatment Genoxage consists of 2 treatments:

  • Pre-treatment: Cellular Booster Complex 5 actions-4weeks is a preparation treatment specially formulated to regenerate, repair, moisturize, stimulate, activate and renew your skin and leave it ready, in a quick and effective way, to receive and absorb the customized treatment. Its action is complemented by a mix of active ingredients that stimulate and activate the mechanisms that prevent premature aging, fighting against wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Customized treatment: 3 products formulates with the most effective active ingredients, combined to suit the conditions of your 9 dermatological variables:

o   Serum Intensive Treatment with antioxidant, protective and revitalizing properties, the formulation helps to improve firmness, elasticity and skin tone. Prevents premature aging. Fights chronological age and protects against oxidative stress. The result is a vital and radiant skin.

o   Essential Cream treatment, designed to cover all the needs of your skin, formulated with a combination of active ingredients with antioxidant, protective and revitalize properties. Prevents premature aging, releases mediators that neutralize the irritation process and accelerate the physiological recovery of skin.

Reduces the formation of deep wrinkles and expression lines. Improves elasticity and skin tone firmness. Stimulates the natural reparation mechanism of DNA after exposure to ultraviolet rays.

o   Eye Contour suited to you, prevents wrinkles, restores elasticity and firmness and prevents premature ageing. With the newest active ingredients, it efficiently reduces under eye bags and circles, achieving an enlightened eye contour.

    • Serum

      Tratamiento Bio-Intelligent Intesivo 30mL - BIOINTELIGENTNA INTENSYWNA KURACJA 30 ML

      Highly effective treatment that strengthens the extracellular matrix, accelerates the physiological recovery of skin, stimulates the natural reparation mechanism of DNA, protects against oxidative stress, and maintains an optimum hydration level.
    • Cellular Booster Complex

      Intelligent Bio-Treatment Complex Booster 5 ACTIONS - 4 WEEKS 50mL

      Specially formulated to renew, repair, activate, stimulate and moisturize the skin, in a quick and effective way and remains in this effective condition to apply the customized treatments.

      Tratamiento Esencial Bio-Intelligent - Intelligent Bio-Treatment Essential 50mL

      Reduces the formation of deep wrinkles and expression lines. Contributes to skin wellness and recovery of firmness, elasticity and skin tone.

      Tratamiento Bio-Intelligent Intensivo 15mL - Intelligent Bio-Intensive Treatment 15mL

      Formulated with the newest active ingredients that decrease the bags formed around the eye and gives light to them.