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Biotechnology, Health and Personal well-being

Science Evolution

The quantitative and qualitative leap in the knowledge of the instruments governing life from the point of view of science, in particular in the area of biology and biotechnology, has allowed a better understanding of mechanisms that can reverse in a better and broader development of diagnosis technologies, tools and knowledge that will improve the quality of life and perception of individual and collective well-being.

This breakthrough in research is related with health maintenance, as well as physical and mental health, self-esteem and personal satisfaction that are essential for an active and responsible life.

Genocosmetics Lab is a company specialized in new technologies, with advanced knowledge of biotechnology applied to dermatology, cosmetics and nutrition, based on advanced genetics which allow us to offer customized products and services adapted to the needs of our customers, “Your DNA, our inspiration”.

Genocosmetics Lab is aware of the changes in today’s society, demographic changes, longer life-span, increased working lifetime, urbanization, socialization of our lives and a higher education, modernization and information, leading to consider our lives as a global concept of health, relationship, self-esteem, beauty and wellness

Genocosmetics Lab, and its brand of exclusive and pioneer cosmetics GENOXAGE, use your DNA as a basis for a personalized diagnosis of your skin, and develop services and products that are unique, effective and adapted to your physical characteristics, genetics and lifestyle.

Our goal is to enhance and restore your skin and it's intrinsic beauty, optimizing your ageing route and your personal satisfaction. 


Mental health, self-esteem and personal satisfaction are essential to have an active and responsible life