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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Would you like to learn the relationship between ageing and genetics?

Why is an individual and personalised strategy important in dermocosmetics to improve your ageing pathway?

How can dermatological variables be measured in a unique diagnosis?

How can Genocosmetics help you? Why is it an innovative discipline in personalization?


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.         What relationship is there between anti-ageing treatments and genetics? 

Several scientific studies point out that 60% of the most important factors affecting our skin health and ageing situation are determined by our genes, by our unique DNA.

But not all factors are genetic, the rest of factors (40%) are related to our lifestyle, our diet, our environment, our habits or where do we live.

Learning your genetic predisposition is now possible, to help you to improve and slow down your natural ageing pathway. GENOXAGE makes it possible with cutting-edge technology.

2.       What advantages does a customized treatment have towards a non-customized one? 

We are entering a new era in dermocosmetics, where products are no longer produced in a massive way, using the same ingredients for everyone, which may not be adequate for the singular skin situation of the customer. Specialists in dermocosmetics point out that customised treatments and personalization are the future of cosmetics: to prepare the treatment that suits the individual skin condition, selecting the appropriate active ingredients and combiing them in the right concentrations.

3.       How can a cosmetic treatment be personalized?

The key to customing a cosmetic treatment is to perform a professionally personalised diagnosis.

Learning what dermatological variables have an effect on the skin ageing process, and determining those variables in each individual, those are the basis of personalisation. A comprehensive diagnosis includes a genetic analysis, a dermatological evaluation and a lifestyle-habits evaluation.

4.       What variables should be measured to custom a cosmetic treatment? 

It is important to determine to what extent the following variables have an effect on your dermatological situation, your perceived age and your ageing pathway:

Ø  Hydrolipidic balance

Ø  Elasticity - Tissue structure

Ø  Oxidation  - Free radicals generation

Ø  Pigmentation  - Melanin

Ø  Sensitivity – Skin tolerance

Ø  Wrinkles

Ø  Cellular longevity

Ø  Photosensitivity - ageing

Ø  Dermatological Pathologies

5.       How are the dermatological variables measured?

Genoxage has developed an innovative skin diagnosis system, DNA SkinMatrixMapping, which measures the genetic factors (from a painless mouth-cells sample), phenotype factors and lifestyle factors (evaluated by the specialist and fulfilling a questionnaire). All this information is processed in a complex bioinformatics system based in an artificial neural networks algorithm, which is unique and holds 2 US patent applications.

6.      How is the Genoxage Customized Treatment elaborated?

The elaboration of the dermocosmetic treatment by Genoxage is based on formulations which combine the best performing active ingredients, with scientifically proven efficacy, combined in the appropriate concentrations to suit each skin requirements, reaching an average of 21 different active ingredients per product. Our treatments contain up to a 60% of active ingredients, depending on the situation of the 9 essential dermatological variables, lifestyle habits and the current skin situation map, thanks to the personalized skin diagnosis.

7.       What does the treatment consist in?

The complete Genoxage treatment consists in 4 products: Preparation Treatment Complex 5 actions/ 4 weeks, and 3 customed products comprising an Essential Vitale Cream, an Intensive Serum and an Eyes Contour treatment. 

The composition of each product changes depending on its function and application zone, allowing a synergic effect among the 3 products.

8.       What does the whole pocess consist in? 

To elaborate the personalised diagnosis with the DNASkin Matrix Mapping TM system, you must visit a Genoxage professional specialist who will evaluate the dermatological skin map situation, fulfill your lifestyle-habits questionnaire and take the painless mouth-cells sample, for the genetic analysis.

At that moment you will receive the Preparation Treatment, which you may start using in order to adjust your skin conditions prior to your customized treatment. After 4 weeks use, your skin will be ready to fully absorb the active ingredients from your treatment.

After 4 weeks, you will receive your complete customized treatment, ready-yo-use, wherever you like, consisiting of a Serum, an Eyes Contour treatment and an Essential Vitale cream. At the same time you will receive you dermogenetic diagnosis report, the innovative and most comprehensive skin diagnosis based on your DNA. In your report you will also find interesting advice on lifestyle habits, diet and skincare.

9.       Can anyone take a genetic analysis?

Anyone can take a genetic analysis, man or woman, and an appropriate age to do it is at 35, when the natural ageing pathway starts to reveal.

That is the appropriate time to start applying prevention measures to slow down our ageing process and to improve our skin health, beauty and appearence.

10.   Can our genetic skin situation change in time? Should the analysis be repeated?

The genetic analysis of your skin does not change in time, but age, lifestyle and environmental factors do change in time, and so do the genetically controlled physiological mechanisms. This is the reason why Genoxage suggests repeating the diagnosis once a year, to confirm or adjust the customed treatment composition to the changing skin situation.

The situation of the dermatological variables may change in time, also after using Genoxage customized treatment.

11.   What does Genocosmetics mean?

Genocosmetics is a discipline that covers the latest advances in genetics and proteomics in the knowledge of the individual differences, and develops innovative Diagnosis Technologies to define critical dermogenetic individual variables which allow to define a customized anti-ageing treatment strategy. 

In the same way genetics define our eye colour or our skin colour, genetics define our natural ageing pathway, by means of genes related to dermatological variables which are key to our skin ageing process.

 12.   How do we analyse your DNA?

A painless scrape of your mouth cells allows a record-time analysis of your DNA, in a coded and anonymous format, by means of the latest generation of DNA technologies in Genomic Research Centers with high international reputation. Security protocols and the compliance of international ethical regulations as well as the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, guarantee that your consent on the DNA analysis is respected and that it fulfills regulation and the final objective of your consent.